Friday, May 7, 2010

Pink Paradise

Hello everyone,

How are you today?
Hope I can make a better day for you with my artwork collection =)

I've new artwork to share with all of my fellow friends here
It called Pink Paradise. Eh? it sounds interesting...
Actually, I've an idea to create Pink Paradise from one of anime series called Queen's Blade, They have all interesting and stunning character design. There's something unique that we should know that Queen's Blade is not based on comic or games, but it based on PVC Action Figure, kinda interesting eh? just try to search it, you sure can find one of it.

And for my Pink Paradise, it's based on a character named Melona, I really like this character because the designer of Melona has a brilliant idea ti create such as her.
So, here it it, I present to you

---------PINK PARADISE---------

Just try to check out the bigger size of the image by clicking it, you cannot missed all the detail of this painting, but sorry for not giving a hi-res version of it, but yeah, for the compliment of it, I gave my final version in hi-quality jpeg =)

All of this artwork done with :
1. Adobe Photoshop CS4
2. WACOM Intuos3

if you interested to know how Pink Paradise was made, I also attach the Work in Progress for it.


If you have any question just drop down a comment, or email me to
Thanks for viewing, and have fun!!

All images copyright © 2007-2010 by AldoDark


  1. Its Melona from Queen's Blade!

  2. Draw Claudette and Echidna please. ESPECIALLY Echidna and her awesome snake panty.

  3. woah, I quite surprise miss that you also know Echidna and Claudette, both character is really mature and too woman, but great idea to draw Echidna XD