Wednesday, May 12, 2010

wanna Bee?

Hello everyone!

Finally I've created this artwork, actually I already have the idea to create this one, but too bad my technical is still not there, but now I tried it again and I loved on how it's come out.
So, let me present my cute artwork!

--------wanna Bee ?--------

Even tough it looks simple, but this artwork takes me some times to finish. The whole painting from the sketch to the final outcome takes me about 5-6 hours good time. But yeah, It's worth to get this kind of outcome, hope you also feel the same with me =)

Tools of creativity :
1. Adobe Photoshop CS4
2. Wacom Intuos 3

I also attach the work in progress for this artwork, if you interested on it, you can try to open up a larger size of the image bottom.

wanna Bee ? Work in Progress

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