Friday, December 24, 2010

Robot Santa

Hi Guys!

Before I start to talk a lil bit about my artwork, let me wish you all Merry Christmas! and yeah, The artwork that I want to present to you is all about christmas! But it isn't a usual theme for christmas I guess... It's about a Robot Santa with his Raindeers, and yeah it's also a robot.

Put Your Hands Up in The Air

Most of the people start to get curious, what the hell is going on with this santa, why this kind of santa could exist?
One day, there's a professor, he doesn't like Santa Claus at all. Because every year since he was born, he never got any present from santa in Christmas time. So he decided to create a "bad santa" so it'll ruin the good image of the real santa.
So, he tried to create a robot santa that won't give a present to kids, but he'll take present from them, the presents that real santa give em.
and finally, the real santa knows about it, and he tried to catch the bad santa, and he finally found the bad santa in the middle of the snowy mountain, with his robot raindeers. And I think it's not a really good day for real santa, because the bad santa has a laser gun in his hand, and the bad santa tried to shoot the real santa, *as you can see in my artwork scene* but we don't really know what will happen at the end, but the think that you should remember, bad santa could come to your house tonight, and if you can't find your present the next morning, take a guess... Bad santa took it from you.

Well.. That's just a short story about my Christmas artwork for this year. I know that I'm not good enough to tell a story in english, but at least you can get the idea what I'm talking about :P

Okay guys! Have a good christmas! Hope santa will come to your house tonight tough your chimney *I wish it's not a robot santa* :P

and if you interested to ask me to do commission, please check out this LINK
At last, I want to say thank you for viewing my gallery! ;)

Best Wishes,