Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lili Rochefort, Cute Edition

Hello my fellow friends!

I want to share my new artwork with all of you. Recently, I just have an idea to create my favourite character in Tekken 6, Lili Rochefort. She has a really unique fighting style and she is just so beautiful. That's became my reason why I decided to paint her.

But then the different things about my Lili is... I tried to paint it with a cute style, so here it is

❤❤❤❤ Lili Rochefort ❤❤❤❤

For doing Lili Rochefort, it takes me quite a while, because I just trying to work on the detail intensely.

Tools of creativity :
1. Adobe Photoshop CS4
2. Wacom Intuos 3

If you loved to know how this project was done, I attached the work in progress for you to look at. Try to open up a larger image to see it clearly.

Lili Rochefort Work in Progress

If you have any question regarding to my project, you always can try to email me to :

Thanks for taking your time to visit my gallery =)

All images copyright © 2007-2010 by AldoDark


  1. wew... nice progress, last time u do in pencil then colour in digital, now u can do in straight to draw n colour in digital haha... and now u hav learn new thing too, about to draw on black white then other layer for colour multy or overlay something... hehee...

  2. Thanks Joe for your comment, as a raw artist, I still need to try to do many different style, it's just to make my knowledge wider XD because till now I still searching the most comfortable way on creating the artwork.hahah
    and keep up a good work for you too =D