Monday, May 10, 2010

Lovely Carrot

Hello again!

For now, I have an idea to play around with my original character that called "my bunny". Hmmm, I still haven't get a really suitable name for her, but yeah for every painting that I did for this girl, I named the concept as my bunny working concept.

As we know that carrot is a really healthy vege. It's rich of vitamin A that's good for your eyes, so for this painting I want to relate both my original character with the carrot, since both of them already related :P

Let me present to you,

--------------LOVELY CARROT--------------

For Lovely Carrot I didn't post the high resolution image, but I just try to add here the high quality version of it. Enjoy my painting, and don't forget to eat carrots regularly, because it's good for your health =)

Lovely Carrot WIP

If you also interested on how Lovely Carrot was made, here I attached you the work in progress, hope you understand on what's going on with my work in progress. Happy learning and have a good day.

Thanks for viewing,

aldodark 2010

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