Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sweety Strawberry

Hi there!
After a long long time, finally I post a new artwork in my Blog
It's a story about a little girl who has a strawberry pet, it kinda sweet rite?
But on this painting I change the idea of sweet and cute, and yaaay it turns to be a strawberry monster. I'm pretty happy with the concept and the final outcome of the work, but truly I said that I took quite a while to finished up this painting and all of it's detail.
so here it is

----Sweety Strawberry----

I use my usual tools to did this painting :
- Adobe Photoshop CS4 ( direct sketch on PS )
- Wacom Intuos 3

and I try to squeeze the work in progress as simple as I can
because there's to many steps to do when I was working on this project

Sweety Strawberry WIP

if you have any question regarding my project or you want me to do some comissions, you can email me to :

Thanks for your time to visit my gallery
Best wishes,
aLDoDarK, 2010

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