Friday, October 15, 2010

Golden Queen Menace

Hi again!

It has been a long while I haven't uploaded any new artworks, and now I'm going to show you my newest painting. I got my inspiration from Anime Series Queen's Blade. So yeah, we can consider this artwork as fan art. But it's pretty much I did a different style from the original one, that's the original one is totally anime, and for my artwork I tried to approach realistic style. The original character named Menace, an Ancient Egypt Princess, and she is just so pretty and cool!

Golden Queen Menace

I really put lot of effort on doing this piece, and I can't remember how many hours I've spent working on this. But yeah, I'm so happy with the result that I get now, it just worthed, I hope you guys think the same way as mine. ;) But anyway, I hope you enjoy what I've done.. Golden Queen Menace.

and I won't forget to upload my work in progress, hope you get inspired on what I've done.

Thanks for viewing my artwork friends! and for some information, if you want me to create this kind of artwork for you, yup I'm open for commission, and don't hesitate to contact me trough this email

Best Wishes,
aLDoDarK 2010

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  1. hmm very good and great in the shading and colour... but i dont like the norse and mouth should be wide... proportion is okay, good job~~ can see ur progress really good and improvement... haha