Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Smiling Buddy

Yippie! Finally I started to create my monster painting, I haven't done one for quite a while, so now I tried to do it again, and I'm happy with what I've painted, a monster with a really big smile! it's just a pretty simple idea with lot of exaggeration :P

Smiling Buddy

It took me around 8 hours to finished this monster, yeah I know that it's pretty long time for this single character, but I really tried to draw as detail as possible, and I was facing a problem when doing the saliva part, hope it turns out well now. And forget to mention that this creature is totally mine, no references at all to create this monster. ( but for that smile... yes I did =D )

as usual, I spend some time to did this work in progress, hope you get inspired by this.

Thanks for viewing my artwork! if you want me to create this kind of artwork for you, or you want me to do some painting, yup! I'm open for commission, don't hesitate to contact me trough this email : dark_digitalworks@hotmail.com

Best Wishes,
aLDoDarK 2010

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