Friday, April 2, 2010

Pokemon the DarK Side

Is it really happen in Pokemon that there are a crazy professor why create a mutant pokemon in his Laboratory,
For this painting, we can say that Yes it is! We call this Mutant Pikachu
Firstly it's all just legandary, until many pokemons became its victim, Mutant Pikachu became a Mystery and many Trainer Goota catch him out, but till now no one find him, it still a mystery..

Mutant Pikachu

For this artwork, I spend 3-4 hours to finish it.

Tools of Creativity :
1. Adobe Photoshop CS4
2. Intuos 3, A6 size

Work in Progress

Just open the image to see the larger version

Hope you enjoy my painting
If you have any question just mail to me or drop some comment here
Thanks for watching my creativity work =D


  1. wew... wan to see how u do that do!! scary pikachu o-o

  2. Hahaha... Amazing art do... Very nice...
    Ap kabar do?? Tgl dmn lo skrg??