Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Resistance Swimwear

Hello everyone,

Finally I've decided to finish my last painting, it called Resistance Swimwear,
for this work I'm just trying to do an experiment on the colour, and wow I like it, it just amazing to play around with the unique colours, blend out all together.
I also create this painting to look like an advertisement or poster, but it's not an advertisement, it's just my personal project to explore more my sense of art.

So here it comes

Resistance Swimwear

Finishing all of this painting takes me about 4-5 hours, from the painting to designing the layout.

Tools of creativity :
1. Adobe Photoshop CS4
2. Wacom Intuos 3, A6 size

Work in Progress

Just open the image to see the larger version

Hope you enjoy my painting
If you have any question just mail to me dark_digitalworks@hotmail.com or drop some comment here
Thanks for watching my creativity work =D

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