Saturday, January 22, 2011

Chibi ChunLi

I think this is my first time I draw chun-li. Well actually I already loved this character for quite long ago, she's charming and has a really strong characteristic in Street Fighter game.
So now, I decided to draw her BUT as a chibi version, firstly I really don't know why I did her in chibi version, maybe I just like it!
so here it is

---------Chibi ChunLi----------

At the first place, it didn't take long time for me to draw the sketch and continue to the rough colouring, but after I spent a lil bit more time, I fell in love with this piece and start to give more detail to her, and spend more days to finish this artwork, I guess..
But yeah! here it is, Chibi CunLi, I hope you enjoy my work this time! Cheers guys!

Kind Regards,
aLDoDarK 2011

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