Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bunny Bishoujo

I want to try to work on a different style painting, I just looked at some anime bishoujo artwork, and I agree that those artwork are really cute and beautiful. And yeah.. They really give me lot of inspiration to do this artwork.
The whole concept for this artwork is a cute little girl with a "Crazy Bunny" cap ( my own character design ) + the carrot t-shirt, so in other word, it'll explain that this girl is a fan of "Crazy Bunny".

-------Bunny Bishoujo-------

Well.. to tell you the truth, I didn't spend as much time as usual when I did this artwork, because I can say that the colour style of this artwork is really experimental and it would be easier to do, even tough I didn't forget to apply a basic rules of lighting and another rules... I guess.... :P

At the end I just want to say that doing this anime style of artwork is pretty much fun! and I believe that I'll do more next time ;)
Thanks friends for looking at my gallery!


aLDoDarK 2011

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