Friday, July 2, 2010

God of Storm

Hi friends,
Recently there's a challenge from one of the best digital painting forum. So, remembering that I'm in my long holiday, I decided to join in, even tough I'm not the one who win it, but yeah, I really enjoy it!
The Title of my work is : God of Storm
Once upon a time there's a tribe that have their own god, Storm God, and every year the head of the Tribe must perform a dance to please the God, so He will bless the Tribe with abundance of electricity.

-----------------God of Storm-----------------

As usual, I also attached the Work in Progress of this painting, but it's just a little bit different because I created it with so long story progression, and sometimes I changed my idea and composition, so I just attached the finalise concept

God of Storm WIP

if you have any question regarding my project or you want me to do works or commissions, don't hesitate to email me to :

Thanks for your time to visit my gallery
Best wishes,
aLDoDarK, 2010

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